Little Miracles

Why was the “Little Miracles” Foundation started?

Grace believes music is as important to a student’s development as any other subject taught in middle and high schools. It should be as basic as Math or English, but yet, in many school districts across the country, music budgets are being slashed and in some cases, being eliminated altogether. In her mind, this is not something we should stand idly by and not try to help. It was this inequity that triggered her to start the “Little Miracles” foundation.


What exactly is the “Little Miracles” Foundation?

“Little Miracles” Foundation is Grace’s way to give the gift of music to local school districts and communities. It has started with a school district right next to where Grace lives, where music funding had been drastically reduced due to the district’s budget challenges. From this local start, “Little Miracles” will expand to other school districts across the country to ensure the gift of music for all.


What does the “Little Miracles” Foundation provide?

Grace has incredible brand partnerships with Fender and Shure, who have agreed to provide a quantity of free musical instruments and professional grade audio equipment to each district as the program builds. In addition to the equipment, Grace is providing two college scholarships in the affected districts for high school seniors who want to pursue music at the next level.


Who are the “Little Miracles”?

The “Little Miracles” is a show choir for middle school students who want to enjoy the gift of music using their voices with donated musical instruments. There is no tryout required; rather all that is required is simply a passion for music. Most of the kids have no other way to have music be part of their lives, so “Little Miracles” gives them an opportunity to learn and enjoy music.


How can you help with the “Little Miracles” foundation?

We will be setting up a donation page very soon! Stay tuned.